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Building a notification system over a webapp

Up until the world exploded into apps, communication between the schools and children’s parents was done through the children’s diary. Fast forward today, diaries are no longer in fashion. Every school has an app to “keep you updated”. The problem with apps is that it should have an amazing notification system. It turns out, my son’s school did have an app but did not have a functional notification system. My son kept missing school events and that’s when I decided to tinker around to see if I could make a notification system on top of the schools apps.

Bird’s eye view

The school has a web app which meant that having the right credentials, the information is accessible over the internet. A quick skim through the “Network Tab” in the browser dev-tools gave me the HTTP call which returned an HTML document with the required data. All I wanted now was to parse the HTML, extract what I wanted from the DOM and send a notification if there is something “new”.

I decided that notification should be an SMS to avoid complicating the system. The content of the SMS can be kept simple, e.g. “New notification on ABC School Portal. Please login to https://parent.abc.edu”.

High level flow

Running the above cycle few times a day means we’d have to be super lazy to miss them. Next step, Code!

Engineering Details:

To decide on how to build this, I asked myself the following questions:

  • How long will each execution take to run? - few seconds
  • How often will we need to schedule executions? - every 6 hours
  • Does the application need any datastore or state? - no

Answers above, coupled with no desire to manage infrastructure, serverless on AWS became an obvious choice. A Lambda function, scheduled to run through CloudWatch Events and sending an SMS through SNS should suffice.

AWS flow

I will not be diving into the how to’s as there is a lot of content available on the internet on setting up Lambda functions, CloudWatch alarms and sending SMS via SNS.

Keeping it under free-tier:

It makes no sense to spend money on a feature the school engineering team should have provided out of the box. Free tier limits for AWS Lambda, SNS and CloudWatch are very gracious for a use case like this. The only challenge for me was the SMS which are never free. AWS SNS sandbox provides upto 10 numbers on which SMS-es can be sent without incurring any cost. This was more than enough for me. I added a couple of phone numbers and started receiving SMS-es at no-cost.

Final outlook:

The notification system is definitely helping us stay on top of the school events. A similar notification system can be build upon practically any web application provided you stay within their server constraints.

The code can be found here. One fine day, I will move this to AWS CDK.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.